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Muscle composition in relation to age and sex. Creatine Supplementation and the Quality and Quantity of Life Perhaps the most practical application of creatine supplementation in older adults is the potential to increase the quality and quantity of life[ 5152 ]. Acute creatine monohydrate supplementation: Training consisted of 36 resistance training sessions in which participants performed three sets of 10 repetitions for the bench press, bicep curl, back extension, hip extension, flexion, adduction and abductionleg flexion, knee extension and leg press. Maximal isometric voluntary force, muscle activation and surface electromyography were measured in elbow flexor muscles at baseline, during a fatiguing task, and over a 10 minute recovery period. However, variable creatine supplementation protocols and different methodologies may account for the equivocal findings between studies.

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Participants performed two sets of knee extensions for two minutes followed by one set of knee extensions until exhaustion.

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Moreover, muscle biopsies were obtained prior to and following supplementation for assessment of mean fiber area and percentage of fiber distribution of type I, IIA and IIX skeletal muscle fibers. Eur J Clin Nutr. Participants were separated into three groups: Conclusions Despite physiological adaptations that occur with aging that may reduce the effectiveness of creatine supplementation, well designed studies have found creatine supplementation to safely enhance muscle strength[ 172224 - 2656 ], hypertrophy[ 172224 - 2656 ], endurance[ 222455 ] and performance in functional tasks[ 1722 ] in older adults. MDR contributed in writing the review and aided in the development of the tables. Participants in the creatine group experienced significantly greater gains in body mass, total muscle thickness and less bone resorption than participants consuming the placebo.

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