Hatha Yoga leads to improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. Classes include warm-ups, sun salutations, asana practice, deep relaxation, pranayama, and silent reflection. Please select a class that is appropriate for you.

New Beginner Session is for students with little or no knowledge or practice of Hatha Yoga. This series of four classes focuses on the fundamentals of basic poses, deep relaxation, and breathing techniques. Wear loose and comfortable clothing, bring a large towel, and avoid eating for 1-2 hours prior to class. (You must register for this session).

Level I is for students with limited Hatha Yoga experience. It is suitable for those who have completed a new beginner class or are fairly new to yoga. This class moves slowly and focuses on the basic positions. Additional beginner poses and variations, breathing fundamentals, and introductory meditation are offered.

Level I / II is for students who have completed a basic introduction or beginner class session of Hatha Yoga. This class focuses on the basic postures, building strength and comfort within the poses. Level I/II introduces some Level II asanas, developing flexibility, balance, and strength. Level I/II students should know basic asanas and the Sun Salutation.

All Levels is for students with some Hatha Yoga experience, combining components the of Level I/II and II/III classes. This class provides a challenge for those who want to work hard, while offering modifications for those who choose a gentler practice. This class is not recommended for beginners.

Rush Hour Yoga is designed to meet the schedule needs of today’s hectic lifestyle. Participants will enjoy cardiovascularly intensive movement, deep stretching and deep relaxation. Students should be familiar with the sun salutation. This is a workshop class, so please reserve your space!

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